Disruptive since 2009

VNT began as a London street style blog. It quickly evolved into a sustainable fashion site that celebrated the efforts of designers and activists who were pushing against the old way of doing things. They were finding ways to clean up supply chains, pioneer new technologies and challenge economies of scale.

Over the years, there have been great strides in sustainable fashion, as well as a strong voice emerging in other areas: art, culture and activism. VNT is expanding its scope of vision to celebrate the creative energy that speaks to environmental and social justice today.

For the love

I got so into blogging about sustainable and ethical fashion, I did it for free for the Huffington Post, when they first launched in the UK.

Photo credit: Jerome Dominici


You can check out my HuffPo profile here. There are some really great articles in there, mostly to do with emerging sustainable fashion brands and ethical supply chains. One of things I really enjoyed most was the fact that Oxfam sponsored my wardrobe for my second season attending London Fashion Week.

I also wrote a hefty piece for The Guardian. It was published near the time when the Philippines experienced one of the worst typhoons on records and a contingent of Filipino designers were showcasing their work at the British Fashion Council. I felt that in a small way, I was doing my part to raise awareness of the environmental challenges facing us today.

Finally, there was a small but fierce website called Ecouterre that I wrote for as their London correspondent. They were a lovely bunch, and did well to sell the site to Internet brands. They’re still around championing sustainable lifestyle choices. Here’s one of the first blogs I ever did for them. Not sure whatever happened to the recycled surf shorts company, but even then there were people really trying their best to make as little an impact on the environment as possible.

There have been other projects I’ve done behind the scenes, like crowdfunding efforts to help independent brands raise capital for a new collection or more recently, a successful campaign to help my local Green Party candidate be a relevant choice in the 2015 General Elections.

For the money

Sometimes you gotta do, what you gotta do and pay them bills, right? As you can imagine, all that blogging “for the love” wasn’t getting me where I needed to be in terms of raising a young family in one of the most ridiculously expensive cities on earth.

Source: pixabay

So I got a job. A few, actually. I took my ten year career break as a stay-at-home parent and used everything I learned about prioritising, patience, lack of sleep, listening intently and writing for online. A global advertising and marketing agency took me on as an Editorial Director leading a team of amazing, energetic content creators. My second career as a creative content strategist was born.

Some of the brands I’ve worked for can be found on my portfolio. You need a password to get in there, so if you get in touch I’ll share it with you. Otherwise you can do what everyone else seems to do which is to stalk my on LinkedIn.

What I have noticed is that content is very much still king and it takes a good editorial eye, someone who really knows how to write to be a creative strategist. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best in the business. It’s a new discipline that is evolving quickly, but I figure people are always going to want to tell their story and I’ll be right here ready and willing to do that especially for those who are passionate about environmental and social justice.