Here’s a post from way back in the day, the very first time I was invited to London Fashion Week. The shows were incredible, of course, but the after parties were always good for catching people in their element.

Daisy Lowe, London 2009.

I remember leaving a party hosted by Mulberry at the infamous Claridge’s Hotel with a friend and walking past a beautiful woman who was on her way in to the hotel. She had a cute Union Jack clutch and a swinging sixties mini-dress, quirky but understated all at once. I asked to snap her photo and she very politely obliged.

It wasn’t until much later when a reader commented on my post that I learned these gazelle of a woman was Daisy Lowe, a very well known British fashion model. I used to listen to her Dad’s music, actually (he was a rock musician who had a hit in the early 90s).

Nearly a decade on and this look is still current. Fashion comes and goes, style transcends trends.

And no, there wasn’t anything specifically ethical or sustainable about the clothes she was wearing. But thinking on it now, “investment” pieces, like a Mulberry bag for instance are a good buy if you want to keep things out of land fill. You buy something and look after it, because you value you it. It becomes a heritage piece and instead of having 15 bags that you send off to charity shops at the end of a season, you have the one piece that you treasure.

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