Hello world!

VNT began as a street style blog called VeryNiceThreads back in 2009. This was before smartphones, so I went everywhere with my SLR camera. There was no Instagram or Snapchat, Twitter was barely a thing and Facebook was still in its infancy. I was raising a young family and working part-time as an editor. Taking photos of strangers in the street was my creative outlet.

I was attracted to individuals who stood out from the rest of the crowd: a flamboyant silk pocket square, kente cloth headscarves paired combat boots, or a beautifully cut vintage suit — understated but ridiculously chic. Oftentimes, my subjects weren’t necessarily trying to get noticed, they simply expressed their individuality through their dress. I became obsessed with spotting a gem in a crowd and documenting them. To me, style is a form of creative expression.

I guess people liked how I wrote and the portraits I took, and I soon found myself invited to London Fashion Week. It was so exciting to be on the front row as traditionally, this was off limits to people like me who weren’t industry “insiders”. That week was an education in itself, and the most valuable lesson for me was discovering Estethica, a showcase of emerging designers forming the hub of London’s ethical fashion industry. This felt like home.

Nearly a decade has passed and in that time I’ve written about sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry for various digital publications including The Huffington Post UK and The Guardian. I even created and produced London Fashion Week’s first-ever carbon neutral catwalk in 2013. A year later, I lost my website and with it my entire archive (a cautionary tale to always back up data) at about the same time I was offered a job in a large, global agency. That led me on to an entirely different journey.

Well I’m back now with a new direction for VNT. I hope you enjoy it as much, if not more, than its earlier incarnation.

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